Engineering Skills

Adapter Engineering Model

We collaborate with our customers during the design phase of their products. We can receive 2D drawings in (.dwg, .dfx, Native) or for 3D CAD files in (.step, Native, and IGES) formats using AutoCad Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, Pro Engineer, and Unigraphics software.

Through ourĀ affiliates, we are able to provide prototype services that begin with computer simulated 3D model views that proceed into SLA models and other rapid prototyping methods.

Prototype castings are furnished in plaster cast, sand cast, investment cast, and soft tool die castings depending upon part complexity, time and budget.

Part structural integrity is optimized with finite element analysis. Production tooling design is optimized through fluid flow and thermal solidification analysis.

Cast Iron Adapter
Engineered part from Destin
Die Cast Adapter from Destin