About Us

Destin Die Casting, LLC has experience serving the powertrain, generator, appliance and other markets. Located in Xenia, Ohio, we are situated near the Interstate I-75/I-70 Highway corridors, key to one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the United States. In addition to our domestic markets, Destin Die Casting also maintains an international presence, shipping castings to Mexico and Canada.

A privately held company, Destin Die Casting was acquired in July 2014 by American Metal Technologies. With this recent acquisition, Destin Die Casting benefits from the new ownership’s proven track record of transforming die casting and machining operations into world class companies. A key management team has been hand selected based upon their industry expertise, proven collaborative skills and unwavering commitment to operational excellence. With a dedication to process ingenuity, manufacturing efficiencies and ground breaking technology, Destin Die Casting is positioned to become a world leader in the die casting industry.